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Laynie Colette - Eight months

Today's post is going to be all about one of my very favorite sweet baby Laynie. this little bit turns eight whole months old today.

My little Laynie pop is very much the stereotypical second child. Her older sister is always in control of our schedule and activities for the day, so Laynie doesn't usually have any other choice than to just go with the flow. And she is a champ at it.

She is so sweet, but CRAZY curious. She wants to be into everything all the time. She's not technically mobile yet because she hasn't started crawling, but she rolls around to get where she wants to be and is a beast in her walker.

My main goal behind the camera is always to capture the amazing catch-light in my subject's eyes. It's like being able to see right into someone's soul, and I always strive to get it's shiny, dreamy little self front and center in my photos. It's like my own personal gold star. This gorgeous girl never disappoints.

She is by far the happiest baby I've ever known. How can those cheeks not instantly make your day so much better?!

This little rocking chair was given to me on my first birthday by my Godfather. Our family photographer shot Brinley in it when we was just a little rolly polly, and now it's pop's turn. Is it crazy at 32 to invision having sweet little grand-daughters in it thirty years from now?

I know as the second child, you often get the short end of the stick. But the joy you bring to all of us is immeasurable. Everything about you makes our family whole and complete. I love you Laynie Lou!

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