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A very non-Valentine's Day post

Any Frozen fans out there? “Fans” might be the wrong term…I’m not a fan necessarily, but I’m very well versed…because I have a four-year-old. Well, there’s a line from the movie that perfectly describes my life.

There…I admit it. I’m awkward. And I’m even more so when I’m excited. So you put pretty people in front of my camera…and here comes Danielle…Awkward Pants Max Edition. My mind starts racing with all of the ideas and potential amazing shots, and my words and social norms just can’t keep up. My sentences don’t make sense, I sweat, I pace, I ugly-face laugh, I make really bad jokes. It’s fantastic…aren’t you dying to work with me (sarcasm)?

Last weekend, I got to have a senior session with the Hebert twins…guess how awkward I was? Yep…a lot…because they’re really pretty. Buuuuut I’m willing to put my quirkiness out there for strangers to witness first-hand in exchange for getting great shots like we did on Saturday. I'd like to consider it a public service.

I swear the humidity was 200% and her hair remained perfect the whole shoot…she’s like some kind of hair unicorn.

Madison is a former dancer…if you couldn’t tell by her perfect posture.

So there probably aren’t many people who get excited to wake up early to take pictures first thing on a Saturday morning, especially after you worked late the night before, like Dilan’s mom said he did. But he showed up, looking sharp with his clothes nice and ironed, and even gave me a few smiles 😊

The Hebert’s are originally from Louisiana, so of course as a native Cajun, I loved them instantly.

Madison and Dilan…thank you for making my camera so happy. And thank you for not being scared away by how many times I said "Cute! So cute!" after looking at the back of the camera. I hope you guys have a blast with the rest of your senior year, and the very best of luck to both of you in the future!

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