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I have lots of #Goals these days. I’m really lucky to be surrounded by so many inspiring people…awesome examples of women who are rocking the mom thing, career thing, Pinterest thing, fitness thing, kitchen thing, wife thing, and all of the above thing. We all have a million balls we’re trying to juggle, and I’m the first to admit that some days I go to bed without a single productive thing done and sum up my day as #survived.

But then I get to hang out with families like the Weeks, and I get a whole new set of #Goals. Stacie, Abby, and Nathan were so refreshing to be around. I got to get some senior shots of Abby and snapped a few of her sweet relationship with her little (taller) brother and her momma.

Our session was at the most beautiful spot in Cypress…but it has a reputation to have snakes, so they actually ask you get permission to be on the property for liability reasons. SNAKES. I AM TERRIFIED of snakes. To this day, I wake up in sweats after having nightmares of snakes. And Ryan warns me when there’s one on TV because just seeing one sends me into pre-heart attack mode. This is the post from my personal Instagram just a few minutes before our session started.

Ignorance is bliss. “Dear Lord, I know there are snakes out here. Please just don’t let me see them.”

Ok…big-girl panties on…get your mind right, Griffin.

We started with some very conservative shots, but this beautiful girl is an actress, so I hoped it was just a matter of time before the theatrics came out.

Stacie is so funny…she honestly should have been paid as a contract maintenance worker on this property. She destroyed a dirt dobber (with a metal rod) that was getting in our shot, moved around cones and trash cans, scared off cats, and anything else necessary to make sure my scene was clear. She was an awesome assistant.

I love this series. So beautiful, natural, and that smile…so perfect.

Abby changed into this red dress, and all the sass came out with it. These guys had me laughing so much.

So…here’s where my #Goals come in. Abby has missioned to Haiti THREE times and is gearing up for her 4th trip and taking Nathan along with her. How amazing and inspiring is that? She’s eighteen and watching her look at this canvas clearly shows how much she values her experiences and the people there.

Although I’m a Red Raider, as a mom, I would be absolutely thrilled if either of my girls went to UT. Great school and close enough to pop in at any given moment ;-) Abby is headed to Austin in the fall and has already been accepted into their Nursing program.

We decided to do a variation of the glitter picture, something of a glitter shower. I know a lot of girls wouldn’t be down for this, but Abby was game. Note to self…don’t hand the glitter to the little brother to assist with the "showering" --- Handful of glitter-straight to the face.

Luckily, momma was there to save the day, so after take two, our end result came out pretty amazing.

I had to snap this one of Stacie and her two babies. These kids love their mom. Watching them all together made me slightly less terrified of the teenage years.

Weeks family, I adore you. Your energy, kindness, contagious laughs, and love for the Lord is so incredibly refreshing to be around. I want to be invited to the next family get together just to listen to you guys laugh. Abby, best of luck to you, girl. I know you're going to do some pretty amazing things for this world.

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