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What year has been your favorite?

Anyone want to guess what the most used app on my phone was last week? My weather checker. I was stalking the Saturday forecast about 10-12 times a day praying that my senior session with Heather didn’t get rained out. There’s aren’t many things that can put a photographer into a panic like a 90% chance of rain on session day…well except for two dead batteries or forgetting to load your memory cards.

We hung out in downtown Tomball, which is one of my FAVORITE places on this planet. The incredible colors and textures of the buildings make for the perfect photo backdrop. Plus, I love strolling through the antique shops scoping out vintage camera gear and flipping through vinyl records, so it’s a post-session treat for me. The rain kicked in at the very tail end of our shoot, and I was so thrilled at all of the shots we got before it rained on our parade (literally…there was a parade going down Main Street).

Heather showed up looking GORGEOUS without a stitch of makeup on. I mean… why would she? Her glowing, perfect skin and light eyes… zero reasons to try to cover that up. I was instantly in love with how low-key she was. She told me that she was a competitive cheerleader, and all of the years of show makeup have turned her off to wanting to hassle with it in her everyday life. Plus, how amazing is it that she just showed up as HERSELF? I know I personally can’t always say that when I know my picture is going to be taken. I stress out about perfectly coordinating outfits and how the humidity will treat my hair…oh and only get my “good side.” It was so uplifting to be around a senior who just really wanted to be herself.

She has the perfect cheerleader hands on the hip pose…obvious to see she’s been well trained.

Her momma wanted to get in some shots of her two girls together, and of course as a mom of two girls and someone who is obsessed with her sisters, I happily complied. Heather and Stephanie are 5 years apart (or 4 years and 11 months as Heather described) and just adorable.

I have zero idea what the conversation topic was going on here because Jackie and I were actually chatting at the time, but I’m going to imagine it was Heather giving Stephanie some life advice and Stephanie telling Heather how much she was going to miss her when she goes off the college. In reality, they were probably making fun of me and her mom whining about how our babies get too big too fast.

This is my new favorite shot setup. Moms rarely come dressed to want to have their picture taken, but I try to convince them to jump in and have just one of them with their senior. Jackie actually asked me to take it before I could offer, and I LOVED her enthusiasm. It’s just a simple, quick shot, but a mom with her two girls..just so sweet.

Jackie told me that she is an only child, but I hope she knows that she gave these girls their life-long, built-in best friend, and they’re only going to get closer as the years go on.

Heather is heading to Texas A&M in the fall and is going to study kinesiology. She said that she’s had too many knee surgeries to not value the physical therapy, so she’s decided to mark it as her own career path.

I wish that I could remember the EXACT words that Jackie used, but she told me that she used to ask her mom what year has been her favorite. Her mom would reply to the effect of “This one is pretty great.” How amazing is that?? When it comes to my girls, I feel like I’m in a constant state of being sad that the past is gone and being sad that the future is coming too quickly. Just be happy now. This is the moment that matters the most. These are the moments that make up our past and shape our future. Making the most of NOW is the best thing we can do for our kids. Jackie, thank you for my new mantra.

Heather---you’re so sweet, and even though you’re going to be an Aggie, I feel like 18 year old me and you would have been great friends ;-) Good luck to you in absolutely everything!! And Stephanie…I’m keeping my calendar open for your senior shots in a few years! Thank you ladies, so much for a great morning.

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