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361 days as a family of 5

Everyone says that the first year flies by. I couldn’t agree with this more. During our babies’ first years, we’re consumed with feedings, weight gain, counting diapers, nap schedules, rolling over, starting solids, sitting up, teething, growth spurts, sleep regressions, first words, crawling, talking, walking. I mean…how could it not fly by? That’s an insane amount of growth and development within a relatively short period of time. Being on the brink of celebrating my own little booger’s first birthday, I LOVED getting to photograph the Homoki family and baby Miya’s cake smash. Mike, Erin, Emory, Sadie, and Miya were so sweet to me.

I was crazy impressed that we managed to get so many shots of the entire family looking at the camera at the same time. My girls have an uncanny ability to synchronize looking in the opposite direction of the each other any time my camera is out. I think it’s a mamarazzi curse.

This adorable family is celebrating three out of their five birthdays all in the same week! A one-year-old and an official teenager both within just a few days from each other.

Miya started beaming as soon as her daddy played “Can’t Stop the Feeling” on his phone. All the credit for this sweet grin goes straight to Mr. Timberlake.

In our pre-session consultation, Erin told me that Emory loves video games. So I tried to small talk with him about Minecraft, which was a total fail, and he gave his parents this look.

I failed to recall that she also told me that his game of choice was Pokemon. So much for trying to keep up with youngsters. Lucky for me, he was super sweet and forgave my ignorance (I think).

Could Sadie’s freckles be any more adorable and perfect? She reminds me of the old school cabbage patch dolls, and I had to refrain myself from squeezing her cheeks.

So funny story…Erin put up a post on a local Facebook group asking for recommendations for a family photographer. She also explicitly said not to self-promote. So, what do I do? I send her a direct message giving her all of my info. I thought, she’ll either think “Honey, can you not read??” or she’ll appreciate my initiative. Luckily for me she didn’t totally write me off or block me from contacting her. We ended up chatting back and forth for a while and setting up their session. So moral of the story…troll social media and force your business on people. I’m kidding; don’t do that. It was a total gamble, and I’m very fortunate that Erin took a chance on me.

Even though Murphy’s Law of one-year-old photo sessions happened to poor little Miya…no nap and not feeling great…she was a trooper and we managed to snag some super cute shots to commemorate her first birthday.

Thank you guys so much for the great session, and I hope you all have a blast at your group birthday celebration this weekend!

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