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My Sister Has an Awesome Sister

The last morning session of spring mini day was reserved for the Kiser sisters. Ava and Indie are the crazy gorgeous daughters of my sister’s childhood friend Jenae. She and her husband, Preston were high school sweethearts and are now trying to keep up with these two little lovebugs. I’ve known Jenae since she was in about 7th grade, and I would get into epic battles with Courtney (my little sis) because the two of them would go through my closet when I wasn’t around. These days…it would be me trying to steal her clothes. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that Jenae and Preston weren’t included in the shoot because Jenae is gorgeous, ya’ll (no offense to Preston...I guess I just have a thing for blondes).

I ALWAYS love black and white shots, so classic and timeless, and an instant piece of art. But I know that not everyone shares my preference for them. It took a lot of restraint to not convert every one of Indie’s images. Her eyes are so full of light…they just completely draw you in.

So this is Ava. I usually have to try to convince girls to give a little sass for the camera. This was not an issue for Ava. She couldn’t wait to get to the next pose. She’s a natural. I definitely know who to contact if I ever have a model call.

This photo was snapped as I was checking the light and getting her ready for her glitter picture. It’s probably not as sharp as it should be…but I couldn’t help but include it in the gallery. That smirk is too friggin’ cute.

I love that they have the same concentration face in this picture.

I have such a sweet spot for sisters because I love mine so much and because I’m raising some myself. Getting to meet Jenae’s girls and catch up with her a bit was the perfect way to wrap up the morning. Thank you so much for letting my camera love on your girls and I hope to get some shots of you all together very soon ;-)

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