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Graffiti, Rust, & Bricks

Last week I got to shoot two senior sessions in downtown Tomball. It is by far my favorite spot for seniors. There is so much variety in such a close vicinity. Both of my seniors wanted more of an urban feel as opposed to using too many rustic elements. We incorporated lots of brick walls, metal shipping containers, spring greens, and of course, the rusty safe.

My mid-week session was with Mason. He's prepping to make the move to study engineering at the University of Tennessee, so of course we had to snap in front of this bright orange building. This graffiti wall is on the back of a storage container behind an antique store, and the look of it is just so cool.

Mason is a diver at Cy-Ranch, and I was very curious as to how one gets into do you figure out that you're good at that? He said that he was tired of the day-long swim meets, so he made the switch to diving. As someone who never has a spare minute, I can absolutely respect that.

Once he changed into his dapper, dressy outfit, we got some serious Blue Steel moments.

So I feel a little bad about posting these next two shots... He was really hesitant to take any pictures with his jeep, but he did them for his mom. I told him that I wouldn't post them in case he didn't like them...but I'm a sucker for good light and black and whites. Plus...they just came out so great!

Mason---I had a blast hanging with you and your mom...excited to see how you up your sock game for prom :-)

Later in the week, I got to hang out with Macy and her momma Donna. Instantly, when Macy got out of their truck, I was instantly struck by how gorgeous she is...and tall...that model, pretty kind of tall that five-foot-nothing girls like me are so envious of. I loved every second of shooting and editing her session.

Gigi Hadid, is that you?! This girl knows how to work the camera!

The one specific idea that Macy had for her shoot was to find a red, brick wall as a backdrop for her black dress and white converse. I couldn't love more how it turned out!

Did I mention that we shot these on her 18th birthday?! I felt so honored that she was willing to wake up early and hop around Tomball with me on her birthday. I had so much fun with her and her momma.

Macy, you are so super sweet and my camera just loved you! Good luck with everything after graduation. Get yourself an agent, girl...that smile and those eyes belong on billboards.

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