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Party of Five

Earlier in the year, I shot a Mommy and Me Mini session for Little Miss Maggie Lou and Peggy. Back then, Maggie gave me a run for my money, but every sweet little smile was worth all the work. So when Peggy contacted me to do another shoot but with Maggie and her four step brothers and sisters, I was really honored to have her trust me again to capture some great shots. But in all honestly...I was a tad nervous at the idea of wrangling 5 kids together. Luckily for me, my worry was all for nothing, because this bunch was so well behaved, super-crazy sweet, and incredibly respectful. Little Maggie was more interested in the Smarties I used for bribery than smiling for me, but Ross, Lucy, Julia, and Regis were extremely cooperative, so once we got Maggie's attention, they were all ready to go.

Ross is the absolute sweetest! He is so patient with the little ones and reminds me so much of my nephew, Nic. I think they would be instant friends. Regis just wanted to be right next to Ross and was really excited for a brothers picture.

All five of these kids have gorgeous eyes, but Lucy's are almost hypnotizing. They are the lightest green I have ever seen. She was the quietest of the bunch but an absolute sweetheart. I can see lots of little maternal traits in her...Maggie only wanted to be held by Lucy, and Julia wanted to have her pictures taken exactly like her big sister's. Julia also wanted to check out all of the photos on the back of the camera, which I loved. When she saw how pretty she looked and heard how she was doing such a great job, her smile lit up.

Maggie saved all of her smiles for the very end of the session, and I know she just loved how much I ate them up.

There's about a million things wrong with this next picture, and in all honesty, it should have been scrapped, but it's my favorite from the session. And that's probably because as a momma myself, I know that whether you have one, two, five, or fifteen kiddos, every day is made up of a hundred things that went wrong. If we get a couple of smiles here and there, hear our kids use their manners and say "thank you" to strangers, and can recognize the blessings of the Lord, then that day is worth celebrating and appreciating all of the imperfections.

Ross, Lucy, Julia, Regis, and Maggie (Peggy and Bruce, too :)), thank you for spending the end of your vacation with me. Ya'll are just a bunch of sweethearts.

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