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Birthday Babe

I love holiday weekends! While we have lots of plans for just about every day until the hubby goes back to work next week, I also have a little bit of extra time for editing. I'm so excited to deliver Ximena's first birthday shoot to her mommy. This was such a fun session because this little girl cannot take a bad picture. Her eyes, smile, hair, and lashes are a photographer's dream. Not to mention all of her adorable outfits!

She's going to have a boho themed birthday party, so utilizing the lace teepee was a must!

Her first wardrobe change was into this fancy dress. Her grandparents tagged along for the shoot, and kept her smiling by playing a video of her giggling on their phone, which made me giggle just as much.

She did a super quick change into another adorable romper that just happened to coordinate perfectly with this quilt that I've been itching to use. I almost didn't buy it because I knew the bright pink would limit the times I'd be able to use it, but the purchase was totally worth it for this sweet set up alone.

Miss sassy pants wanted to explore but did NOT want to touch the grass!

Her mommy requested that we shoot a few next to her grandpa's Harley, and Ximena loved the opportunity to stand up...and check herself out in the shiny reflection!

Last was the cake smash...and this girl did not disappoint! She wasted zero time digging in!

One of my favorite parts of cake smashes is taking full advantage of the babies being still and distracted, so I can break out my macro lens. It's my favorite to use because it's fast, sharp, and gets these amazing little details.

Sweet Ximena, I had so much fun shooting your session! It was the first time during a shoot that I came so close to filling up my memory card because you were so cooperative, and I just couldn't stop snapping all of your sweetness! Cindy, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your sweet girl's big milestone!

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