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Three's a crowd.

Last Friday, I was contacted by Sarah to get info on a lifestyle newborn session. Baby Eli had made his entrance into the world nine days earlier, and she was questioning whether or not she wanted to have photos taken. Somehow the stars aligned, and I had one weekend opening left until after November. The only catch was that it happened to be in less than 24 hours from her initial inquiry. Now most people would panic at the idea of having to prep for family photos in their home on such little notice, but as a mom of three, it's clear that Sarah is a pro at making things happen, because I could not be more in love with the images of this gorgeous family.

Eli and I took care of his solo mini session while the girls were finishing up getting ready, and he was such a champ. I think he wrinkled his forehead once, but didn't make a single peep.

Oldest sister Sadie came in to chat with me often while Levi and I were hanging out, so we were already best friends by the time we set up for the whole fam's shots. Emma, on the other hang, didn't know how to feel about me.

But you know what makes anyone under the age of a million happy? Being tickled.

Sadie was ready to hold baby brother...Emma took some extra time to sit on the sideline to feel me out a little more.

But eventually, getting her to show off some brand new teeth did the trick.

Next, we snapped some of mom and dad with Eli, and Emma kept her eye on me the whole time.

And how does Sarah look this gorgeous less than two weeks after having a baby?? After both of my girls I looked very similar to a low paid extra on The Walking Dead.

These next shots were taken on a family quilt. Emma wasn't thrilled at the idea, but once her snuggle got to join the party, those new, beautiful teeth made another appearance.