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Think Pink

Little Miss Hadley sure is adding a whole lot of pink into the world! Stephanie, Chris, and Hudson are in for a major girlie takeover in the Artzner household. I just couldn't wait to share some of the images from her studio newborn session and at-home lifestyle.

This next image...while it's not even close to "technically perfect" by any's probably my favorite from the session. Don't let all these closed eye shots fool you...this girl DID NOT want to sleep. Luckily my camera is fast enough to catch the slow blinks. I shushed, swayed, bounced, but nothing was making her sleepy. Her mom, grandma, and I desperately wanted to see her in this romper, so I was determined to get just one shot. Just as she was finally starting to settle (and we were all holding our breath), she pooped on my hand that was patting her butt. Stephanie said out loud, "You've got to be kidding me!" It was hysterical! But you know what, that was just what she needed to be comfy enough for me to get this one shot, so I wasn't even upset about it.

Sweet baby lips and lashes 😍😍😍

I LOVE this headband that Stephanie brought along to the session!

She started to make this grumpy face, so I knew my time was limited. This sweet crochet blanket was made just for her ❤

Eeeeeek!! Baby toes...

Later in the week, I got to spend some time with the whole Artzner family. Hadley's big brother greeted me at the door of their home with the sweetest grin, and said "My name is Hudson!" And then we were best friends.

I LOVE all the hands in this photo. This family grew by 10 fingers overnight...even though Hudson swore that Hadley only had 6 toes when I asked him to count them.


Miss Hadley needed a momma break...

...and Hudson needed an energy break. I may have started a bad habit when I asked him how high he could jump on the bed. I'm just going to apologize for that now.

I see lots of cuddle time and "Wallykazam" watching in their future.

My fave.

Just stop it with the sweetness.

Stephanie, Chris, Hudson, and Hadley... ya'll are friggin' adorable and your home is beautiful. I loved getting to train my new assistant. If he asks...his check is still in the mail.

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