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Too Much of a Good Thing

Over-shooting and over-editing. Two problems of photographers who have subjects that are just too pretty. The Kiser family is a prime example. No matter how many times during the session I said, "OK, we got it," my shutter just wouldn't stop. How could I possibly deny my camera of all the gorgeous in front of me.

All the girl moms out there can appreciate a Dad who has the eye to catch when the bow needs to be adjusted.

Last time I got to hang out with these girls, Indie was barely sitting up. Now, she's pretty hard to keep up with!

Momma and baby shots are always my favorite. Momma and daughters are even closer to my heart. But a shot of girls this pretty....I can't even with my life (a sentence-ish that I know makes zero sense, but how else on earth can I describe it??!)

Want to see a man turn into instant mush? Put both of his baby girls in his arms.

Miss Ava's idea...100% her own. High-five, girl.

This blanket game was kind of a fail, but this sweet shot of Indie's smile made it totally worth it.

My favorite thing to do at the end of a family session is gross the kids out. One day, they'll appreciate these photos of their parents looking smoking hot.

Oh Kiser family, I just adore you ❤

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