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She is more precious than rubies;

nothing you desire can compare with her. - Proverbs 3:15

Senior season! Subjects who sit still and do what you ask them to without needing to be bribed with this real life?! Elisa's session was such a pleasant change of pace in the midst of the crazy fall season. It was just added bonuses that she takes direction really well, is crazy gorgeous, and happens to be great company for an evening.

I suggested a location that I hadn't visited since my shoot for 2017 prom, and I was absolutely thrilled that Elisa and her mom, Heather, were excited about it also. The variety, textures, and evening sun in this spot cannot be beat. As we hopped around, it was so fun to hear about Elisa's plans after graduation. She's an artsy type who's interested in makeup, fashion, and photography, and hopes to major in interior design.

During wardrobe change number one, Heather told me that Elisa wanted to incorporate a ruby ring that had belonged to her grandmother. They were very close, and she lost her last year very unexpectedly. A giant lump crawled up my throat as I spun my own late mawmaw's ring, who I also lost last year. It was a very surreal moment for me. I've been in the midst of crazy shooting and editing with very little sleep, zero downtime, and have sometimes felt on the brink of burnout. I swear this exact moment was mawmaw telling me to keep chugging along...funny how she's still telling me what to do even when she's not here 😉. Then I felt very, very fortunate to have had her for 31 years, and my heart broke Elisa and Heather. Getting these next shots perfect meant everything to me.

Elisa, I hope they honor your grandmother's memory.

Elisa really liked the mossy tree in these next shots---a girl after my own heart. I'm always swooning over a good tree.

I made Heather work a little for this next shot. The light was just a little too harsh, so I asked her to hold up my scrim. Heather, you totally nailed it 😉!

Last outfit change and off into the grassy field for some backlit magic. Lots of squealing happened after each one of these shots.

Heather, this girl of your's is a sweetheart. You did good, momma. Elisa, good luck with all of your applications! Can't wait to hear where you decide to begin your new journey!

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