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Birthday Twin Babies!

Oh squishy, squirmy, sweet newborns. They’re my weakness. They run the show when it comes to their modeling debut. They need lots of snuggles in between shots, which is just an added perk to this gig. Last weekend I had the honor of getting to hang with Colton and Ella who both share February 4th as a birthday. These two eight and nine days new babies were so fun putting in front of my camera.

This is how my session with Colton started out…wide awake and mean-mugging me for a good 45 minutes. “Why are you touching me? Why are you putting that giant box in my face? Leave me alone.” I took advantage of his open eyes, wrapped him up, and snapped away.

See…he’s tired, just too nosy to go to sleep.

A fresh diaper, a little snack, and he was finally out.

These little, tiny details are quickly becoming my favorite thing about newborn shoots. These are the things that momma’s don’t ever want to forget about their babies.

He’s born into a football family…zero choice here, dude.

On Sunday, I got to switch gears completely and think PINK! I was so happy that Ella’s momma embraced the crazy amount of girly that I had styled for her shoot. After taking entirely too long to set up my backdrop stand, we got started and Ella was a champ from the beginning. I don’t think she made a peep the whole time. She gave me a wrinkly face for one second, but a quick pop of the paci, and she was out again.

Here's a little behind the scenes shot of getting her hands nice and relaxed in my pop up studio which completely took over the Santorii's living room...I warned mom that I travel very heavy.

Ella came home to a big brother and sister, who absolutely adore her…and sidenote…were so well-behaved the entire shoot. I was prepared to bribe them with skittles, but it never even came close to that. They took direction so well and were so sweet with their sister.

And for her detail shots. I especially love her little angel-kissed eyes.

Oh babies...they're only this little for a such a very short time. I hope these images will be ones that their momma's cherish always. I had sooo much fun getting to love on these babies and hope I get to capture some up-coming fun times as they get bigger!

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