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After the rain...

Well, hello there, strangers! My poor blog has been so neglected for nearly a year! It feels very much like the second child's baby book... (sorry about that, Laynie!) Blogging sessions used to be my absolute favorite part of my workflow, but things got so busy and hectic that it was the first "to-do" to get the cut. But, ya'll, I miss it, and there couldn't be a more fitting session than the Wilborn family to rev it back up.

Kristin contacted me a while back wanting to schedule a family session/cake smash for her twin babies, and my response was a resounding, "Yes!" I absolutely LOVE when the whole family celebrates first birthdays. Surviving that first year is quite the accomplishment, because infants are HARD. And twins?! I can't even imagine the work. Oh yeah, and a toddler added to the mix. Whew...I need a nap just thinking about it. But Kristin and Javon sure make it look easy ❤

Time to love on some babies!

These next couple of shots had some fun props incorporated as a way to honor the fact that all three of these gorgeous faces are rainbow babies. As a mom, I never had to deal with that hurt, but I know SO many women do. The opportunity to work with Kristin, and help pay tribute to their journey was an absolute privilege.

In Kristin's prep session info, she mentioned that Zack might take a little bit to warm up, but no kid can resist my pickle trick! If you've ever had a family session with me, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

And now, it's time for cake!

Asher is MY cake loving twin...

...and Miss Dylan was the neatest cake smasher I've ever had!

I CANNOT handle the way Asher is looking at his sister!


This session was so much fun! Wilborn family, I want you guys ALL smashing some cake once the twins' birthday is here in October...celebrate it, and enjoy it!


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