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We've decided on forever...

Because I'm strictly a portrait photographer and have decided not to dabble in weddings, I don't get contacted all that often for engagement photos. So when Lina reached out to chat about a session to celebrate her recent engagement to Kris, I was giddy. Hanging out with a lovey-dovey couple and getting to gush over fresh, yes please!

I started out the session with my usual spiel about how the first few minutes will feel awkward, and that's true for everyone, regardless the type of session. But I have to say...these two seemed pretty comfy in front of the camera from the get-go, and by the end, they were practicing their first dance.

🎵🎶"Lina and Kris, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G..."🎵🎶

Kris is a big fisherman, so I thought "How sweet would it be for them to sit and the edge of this dock with their feet dangling over the water?!" So we walked out the the edge, and I told them where to plop down. As Lina was sitting down, an army of fire ants came storming out between the boards of the dock. I saw it happening, and it's like the words were stuck in my throat...I couldn't get the warning out fast enough. I had my client sit (in a short dress) in a pile of tiny predators 🤦.

Luckily the startle from me scrambling over my words made just enough sense for her fiancee to come to her rescue and save her butt...literally (not that he was complaining about the job). So, needless to say, we decided against the dock. Sorry, again about that guys...

The ground was thoroughly inspected before we did anymore sitting down shots.

If you guys decide to take my suggestion of a destination wedding in Capri, Italy...I may just change my mind on my no weddings policy 😉

Congrats again, guys, and happy planning!!

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