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Allison - Noble, kind.

This is my favorite point in the session process…the blog. All of the images are edited, the gallery is uploading in the back ground, and I get to present my favorite photos and chat about our whole experience (while snuggling on the couch with a cup of coffee during nap time). To me, it’s like the proverbial “cherry on top.” Sometimes, because of time constraints, I don’t get to blog with every session, which is just a shame because sharing my experience of getting to know these families provides just a small glimpse into why I love this job so much.

Nicole contacted me after being referred by her cousin, Lina (maybe you checked out her engagement session post….no? Well hop on over here once you’re done swooning over all this baby goodness). Lina had already told me how beautiful baby Allison is and gushed over her luscious hair, and when I finally got to meet her, I was not disappointed. Ya’ll…this baby is just perfection. She snuggled right up onto the posing beanbag and was ready to go.

But then…she woke up. She ate, was changed, snuggled, and gazed so inquisitively... at everything. She was WIDE awake. But she was happy, so I snapped her big, beautiful eyes and some sweet little details.

Nicole, Allison's grandmother (Nani), and I all took turns snuggling her and just waited for her to fall asleep. And waited. And waited. And waited some more. We all knew she was fighting it, and I could feel her getting so close to drifting off…so we waited some more, shushed, butt patted, bounced, rubbed her eyes, and repeated. Then came the slow blinks…and finally,she was out. So into the bucket she went.

I literally did a happy dance after this shot.

While we were on a roll, we incorporated this adorable tutu and headband that Nicole brought along. Oh those cheeks…heart eyes times a million.

A few days after Miss Allison’s solo shoot, I headed over to the Webb home to snap some photos of the whole family, and luckily for me Nani was there to be my assistant. She helped me get some gorgeous lighting by holding up my reflector. And we both just constantly swooned over this gorgeous family.

I sent Nicole a lot of screen shots while I was editing because every time I converted one of these to black and white, my heart fluttered.

Daddy's girl and momma's whole world.

Allison's adorable elephant themed nursery with the most amazing knit rug that Nicole's aunt made for her.

Nani lives in California. Allison lives in Texas. I predict that sentence won’t be true for long. Getting to incorporate a picture of this beautiful woman with her first grand baby has been one of the best moments of my career. The pride, the perma-grin… I literally cannot put into words how honored I am that I was given the opportunity to witness the magic that happens when she holds this baby.

Nani --- thank you for being such an awesome assistant ❤ Nicole, Malcom, and little baby Allison, thank you for inviting me into your home and letting me have a part in illustrating these sweet moments for your family.

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