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Studio Therapy

Does anyone else relieve stress by cleaning and organizing? My in-home studio has become a bit of a sanctuary for me lately. It may be the comfy chairs, the Keurig that's always stocked and ready to go, the energizing window light, the sweet baby dress-up clothes or the whole combination of those elements...but it's my happy place. On the morning of a studio session, I get up early, brew a big cup of coffee, put on some tunes (Miranda Lambert's Weight of these Wings has been my go-to lately), and get the creative juices flowing. I typically already have a firm idea of how I'm wanting to prep the set ups for my littlest clients, but I adore how coordinating the textures, fabrics, and details can creates a whole different inspirational path.

Last Sunday, my prep work was made especially sweet because of the flowers that my previous newborn client (The Webb family) had surprised me with. The "thank you" note that was included pretty much brought me to tears. It's these small, unexpected gestures that make the 2AM editing worth every second of the work.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on all nine pounds of Miss Mila. I had been anticipating her arrival since before we shot her mom and dad's gorgeous maternity session back in July. Her baby rolls, newborn skin, angel-kissed forehead, LONG eyelashes, pouty lips, and sweet cheeks are just pure perfection.

Here she is sizing me up.

She was quite the squirmy little thing and woke up just about every time I touched her, but we figured out she really liked the secure feeling of being wrapped up tight.

This is the same flower crown that Renata wore during her maternity session---hopefully we'll get to use it again on sweet Mila for a milestone session.

Now, ya'll, THIS! This blanket was made by Fatih's mom for him as a baby. I adore getting to incorporate sweet family elements into a shoot!

And her successful session victory stretch.

Fatih, Renata, and Mila, I have LOVED getting to know you guys. Ya'll are just the sweetest little family, and it's been my pleasure to get to document this beautiful time for your family.

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