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Fiesta like there's no manana...

Last Saturday I got to finally meet the oh-so-sweet Coronado family. SJ had contacted me months ago to schedule a session to commemorate her baby boy, Ethan’s first birthday. We had been chatting back and forth about ideas and locations for what seemed like forever. I remember thinking when she booked, “Laynie will be one by then…that seems like so far away.” Well, it wasn’t, and the time went by super fast. SJ and I both stalked the weather all week, and we were so fortunate that, not only did the rain stay away, but we also had some sunshine peek through at the perfect moments.

Their perfectly coordinated outfits contrasted seamlessly against all the beautiful green of our location...basically a color wheel nerd's dream.

FFFFFFAAAAAAVVVVVVEEEEEEE shot of the day!!! Heart eyes times a million!

Ethan is FRIGGIN' adorable, and he thought I was pretty funny, too (or at least he let me believe that he thought that). His sweet little smile did not leave his face the whole shoot. And he was so quiet…didn’t make a peep. My little banshee baby makes sure her presence is known at all times, so being around a quiet little thing was new for me.

This was the first time Ethan ever sat on his daddy’s shoulders, and it was so adorable to witness. He loved every second of it.

Ethan’s birthday theme is Fiesta! SJ had these ideas from the beginning, and I love how cute everything came together.

How can this not make you smile from ear-to-ear?? Ethan loved his little maracas…even more than the cake!

Sweet Coronado Family --- I loved getting to photograph you guys. You have three of the most beautiful smiles I have ever had in front of my camera. Congrats on the one-year milestone…it’s a big, beautiful, wonderful time for your family :-)

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