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This Princess is Guarded by a Big Brother

This bright eyed boy is going to be a big brother to a sweet baby girl in April…unless she decides to make her entrance sooner, like mom is predicting. The Muhlbeiers booked the first spot in my Spring mini’s, so I’ve been looking forward to their session for a long time, and Dalton, Amanda, and Knox did not disappoint.

It took Knox only a few minutes to warm up, and I’m sure it had nothing to do with my sister trading Smarties for big smiles.

He was the absolute sweetest. He grabbed both of his parents’ hands and smiled so big for the camera, completely unprompted. And picked flowers for his momma. He was by far the easiest 3-year-old I’ve ever shot.

Amanda and I are both rooting for an April baby because girls always need an excuse for diamond jewelry. My yucky, yellow birthstone and I are super jealous of all of you April birthdays.

Want a genuine smile out of a toddler? Ask them to scream as loud as they can…the smile at the end is always the best. I use this on my own kiddo ALL. THE. TIME.

Staaaaaaaahhhhhhhhpppp it with these gorgeous eyes.

I can’t decide if Knox was sweeter with his mom or his dad. I can only imagine how amazing he’s going to be with his new baby sister.

Amanda, I loved having your sweet family in front of my camera. Knox is definitely on my favorites list, and I’m so excited for your new addition!

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