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mo·ment (noun) - a very brief period of time.

There's nothing like knowing your newborn days are over to make snuggling with one that much more sweet. Newborn shoots are my current favorites, even though they are so much harder than any other type of session. The prep work that goes into them is days-worth of planning as opposed to just showing up at a location with my camera. It also takes a whole different juggling act to get a great shot. I've found that the most important aspect is being comfortable handling all of their delicate sweetness. Babies feed off of energy, so if i didn't have the confidence to soothe, pose, and maneuver them they would not be cooperative...and that's why I can't imagine doing this before I had my own babies and getting a few momma life skills under my belt.

Miss Kaitlin was the best! She just melted in the poses effortlessly and made this little romper look so cute.

Both her momma and daddy are Aggies, so we had to incorporate their rings into a shot. I loved the look of the gold rings with the Grecian style headband, her perfect skin, and girlie, white lace.

Kaitlin's mommy wanted a side laying shot to coordinate with the two that she has of her big brother and sister. I always gravitate toward lighter, more delicate colors, but this teal wrap that Megan brought changed the whole look of the shot, and I LOVE it.

She is a tiny little thing with the perfect amount of lovable squish. The little baby details are always a favorite of mine.

Add a bonnet, and tuck her in...ooooohhhh the sweetness!

After this shot, Kaitlin was ready for a snack, and then she was wide awake, so we didn't get to our very last setup. She was so alert during these awake shots! Her eyes followed me and my camera, and I swear she wanted to join in on the conversation. I just adore the light in her eyes.

Later in the week, I got to hang out with the whole family for their at-home lifestyle shoot. You guys know how I love the story that black and whites tell, so I'm selfishly going to share those images.

The whole Kornegay family with their perfect, new addition.

McKenzie is such proud big sister...just loving on her new best friend.

I think little Kaleb is still figuring out his new big brother role...but just look at that sweet little smile trying so hard for Mommy and Daddy!

And who doesn't melt over a baby girl with her one, that's who.

So I've talked a lot about my love for the in-between shots...the unplanned, unposed, imperfect. Although I haven't had a great deal of time with the Kornegay family, this shot summarizes everything that Megan has told me about them and what I actually had the pleasure to experience. Proud, helpful big sister beaming for the camera and being the cooperative little trooper making sure she's doing her part. Little brother perched on momma's hip while she's loving on him...and he's just soaking up the snuggles. And sweet little, easy-going Kaitlyn, perfectly content in daddy's arms.

I saved the momma shots for last because they're my favorite.

The love of a momma. Nothing compares or comes close. Megan has gone through this newborn thing twice now. She knows how hard it can be (and inevitably will be), she knows exhaustion, having zero time for anything, the crazy balancing act, the constant desire for mimosas and just a little bit of quiet. But she also knows the serenity that comes with the feel of that baby in her arms. And how fleeting these moments are. And how they go faster and faster with every child. That look...that's the look of love and the sheer appreciation of all of it.

Megan, I absolutely loved getting to know you guys. You have an amazing family and a beautiful home. I sure hope I get to see these little ones go through so many more exciting times :-)

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